Our Story is Your Story.

Theralogix shares a common value with the thousands of healthcare providers and consumers that we serve each and every day. In a world of endless choices, high-quality, research-based nutritional supplements must stand out and provide the confidence that healthcare providers and consumers have come to expect. 

When Theralogix was established in 2002, there was a growing awareness that nutritional supplements, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle all play important roles in overall health and well-being.

At that time, there was also a growing awareness of many companies on the market who were producing less-than-trustworthy products. With very little oversight, it was difficult for our founders - a group of well-renowned, industry-leading physicians and scientists - to find products they felt comfortable recommending to their patients, families, and friends.

From Day 1, our guiding principles have been to only produce formulations based upon high-quality scientific research and manufacture products with the highest verifiable quality.

Supplements and Your Health

More than half of all the adults in the United States regularly take at least one nutritional supplement. And there’s good reason. Research tells us that supplements can play a powerful role in preventive care, early intervention, and symptom relief.

Nutritional supplements can complement an overall healthy lifestyle, and fill the gaps that exist in a regular diet. For many, nutritional supplements may reduce the need for more invasive interventions or pharmaceuticals, while also reducing the risks of complications and side effects.

Our Future Together

Over 15 years and 30 products later, thousands of healthcare providers and patients have come to trust Theralogix nutritional supplements across a variety of healthcare specialties, including fertility, women's health, urology, rheumatology and general health.

Theralogix remains committed to following the science wherever it leads, and will continue to provide affordable products that are evidence-based, content-certified and always best in class.