Trust & Transparency That Physicians and Consumers Expect. 

At Theralogix, we know that trust needs to be earned, and we are excited to share some reasons why Theralogix supplements are among the most trusted nutritional supplements available.

Our Formulations Are Backed By a Medical Advisory Board Comprised of 15 Experts from 6 Different Healthcare Specialties.

In 2002, our founders began a discussion about the potential for ‘nutritional prevention’ of cancer (specifically, prostate cancer). Certain types of cancer can run in families. But for those who are aware that they may have an increased genetic risk, diet and lifestyle modification can often go a long way to reduce the threat. Those discussions - led by a multi-disciplinary group that included urologists, a medical oncologist and a PhD pharmacologist - ultimately spearheaded the launch of Theralogix’s first product, and led to the creation of our Medical Advisory Board.

Since that initial meeting we have continued to add members to our Medical Advisory Board. We now have fifteen medical experts from six different medical specialties on our medical advisory board. 

Our Medical Advisory Board meets twice a year to discuss current research and review our formulations. We will never sell a product that is not backed by convincing scientific evidence.

Consistent and Transparent Formulations

Our formulations are all completely ‘transparent’ – meaning that there are no herbal blends with ‘hidden’ or ‘proprietary’ content. And that's not all - Theralogix products are also completely dye-free and gluten-free.

Made with Quality and to the Highest Manufacturing Standards in the USA

Theralogix products are produced by the highest-quality, U.S.-based manufacturing facilities under conditions that exceed the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards set forth by the FDA.

Third-Party Tested and Certified by NSF® International

At Theralogix, we want you to know that that our products contain precisely what we say they do – no more, no less – and are free of any adulteration or contaminants.

To achieve that assurance – our US-based manufacturing facilities works with NSF® International, a not-for-profit agency that provides quality assurance testing to over 80 industries. NSF International is the leading provider of independent content verification testing of dietary supplements. Professional and collegiate sports organizations, including Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA and the NCAA will permit their athletes to only take supplements that have been approved by an NSF® International program.

Since our founding in 2002, every eligible Theralogix product has maintained “certified” content status through the NSF Dietary Supplement Certification Program. 

Continued Focus on Research

There is no greater endorsement of the approach we have taken to product development and manufacturing then the fact that our products have been chosen for use in numerous university-based clinical trials. Over the past 5 years, medical schools including those at Cornell, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, Baylor, Harvard, University of Michigan and Yale – have chosen Theralogix products for use in clinical trials, including several funded by the National Institutes of Health.